Slip and Fall: Do I have a case? What should I do?


Published on June 29, 2021

Learn what to do if you are injured in a slip and fall accident because of the negligence of another person or business. Personal injury attorney Jason Recksiedler from Orlando explains what a personal injury attorney needs to prove in order to pursue compensation from damages due to injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident. He also talks about the steps you should follow to collect the evidence that will be needed to prove the case.


Do I have a case if I suffered injuries due to a slip and fall accident?

When suffering a slip and fall accident in the state of Florida, it is our duty to prove that the landowner knew, or should have known, of the danger that caused the slip and the fall. We advise our clients that if they are involved in a slip and fall accident, they should immediately take photographs of the area, be aware of what it was that caused the fall and to try to determine any witnesses of the accident. This way we can prove how long the danger was present or who caused that danger. An example of direct negligence would be if it was a store employee the one responsible for the substance to be on the floor, or that the store owner employees knew of the danger itself. However, more often it's not a store employee that caused the danger but rather a fellow customer or an outside employee. In that instance what we have to prove is that the substance was on the floor for a significant period of time. Florida law has made it clear that that time frame must be approximately 15 minutes or more, which would have given the owner of the property an opportunity to remove the danger or warn others about it.  Our advice is often to simply talk to the people around the area to see what they knew, get their names and phone numbers if you can, certainly take pictures with your cell phone of what it was that caused you to slip and fall and contact us at First Choice Law at (321) 999-1111.



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